Leafeon is a powerful sun-sweeper Pokemon popular for its great strength and survivability capabilities. The Leafeon Indian Jersey t-shirt inspired by this pokemon species presents a new and cool Indian jersey that encourages the exact strength and capabilities of the player wearing it. 

The stylish green collard jersey with a mark of the blue patch in between the t-shirt makes the jersey attractive in look and feel. The material used is great in fit and offers no discomfort in movement. You can wear this cool and attractive jersey at any event or can even carry it casually on any jeans and denim.

Size Guide
No 36 38 40 42 44
Chest 19 20 21 22 23
Length 26 27 28 29 30


Hassle Free – ideal for the every Sports Lover

The element of this jersey that instantly communicates is its color. The shade and the patch used with light white dots in the background evokes elegance. This Leafeon Indian jersey t-shirt is designed in keeping the mind of both – fabric and color designs. To make sure these two complement each other and give elegance in its appearance our designers take care of various factors. 

Offering various other benefits the reason why the Leafeon jersey t-shirt is popular is that it is stretchy, soft, and super comfortable. It is also light in weight and easily flexible which makes it easy to move in. And the added benefit of the jersey t-shirt is that it is breathable.

Pay Less Buy More

Usually, people charge too much for jersey t-shirts and so they become less accessible. Indian jersey brand offering various advantages with its new collection of t-shirts is selling the jerseys at the minimal prices. Taking care of the on-going market and the needs and desires of today’s generation, the new collection is available at a very cost-effective price. Available for both men and women, the Indian jersey brand offers the opportunity of togetherness where everyone can celebrate and support one another in their journey ahead. 

Leafeon Indian jersey designed with a good choice of color and material cloth is great to wear. The knit of the tee makes it an easy and adorable choice for the players. Because of its smoother fabric, the jersey is super soft and comfortable. 

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Features and Benefits
Stylish green and a blue collared t-shirt with a logo on the side gives the jersey a subtle and attractive appearance.
Available for both men and women, the jersey offers a vast variety and distribution in sizes to choose the best fit.
The non-allergic qualities of cloth prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes and keep you fresh and hygienic all day.
Leafeon polyester fabric t-shirt is quick in sweat distribution and easy to wash and maintain.
The great Leafeon jersey is soft and comfortable. It makes the jersey more relaxed and breathable.
Wearing the super comfy Leafeon jersey you can go for a walk, run and play longer without experiencing any sweat and discomfort.
Pokemon Leafeon T- Shirt Jersey

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