The style that you can call yours!

Every success story starts from an idea. An idea that can change the world and bring a revolution. Our story started when we finished our engineering degree and we were confused between choosing MS or Job. After research, we individually started with our startup in digital marketing. We learned the process, faced our challenges and managed to satisfy our clients. Slowly our startup started growing. But we didn’t want to stop at it. We always wanted to go beyond our limits.

A decision to create something new and provide customers with a product with supreme quality at a reasonable price grabbed our mind. This took a long time but when like-minded creative people come together then major creation occurs. So first we thought to create an E-Commerce website but after lots of research and discussion, we dropped that idea as the market was already full of dominant players. Analysing the pace of digital growth in India along with the world. So we decided to come up with a clothing brand. The market in this field was more saturated as big brands already had their dominance but we came up with a creative idea of a unique Jersey Brand into the market.

It was a tough task to make a jersey brand in a tropical country like India. There were already people in this business but we knew that quality always matters. So we decided to make jerseys that are suitable and comfortable for the people of India. Our vision is to make this a daily wear as where the normal jerseys fail to absorb the sweat, we created nylon jerseys to solve this problem.

We had the vision to take Indian creativity to the world level and keeping it simple yet unique. So we named our company as Indian Jersey Brand. Our initiative has become a large team right now. We are finally ready to provide our customers a high class and unique product.